About Us

Lathitha Centre for Development exists to empower and give support to disadvantaged people in rural and informal settlements, by providing support, training and skills for self-sustainability. The focus is on young people, women and children living with disabilities.

The organisation is a non-profit organization registered in 2014. From observation and experience, people in the informal settlements as well and rural areas, have creative potentials, but are limited by the environment surrounding them, and therefore need to be encouraged and supported to succeed in their endeavors.



To facilitate the creation of better opportunities for children, youth, women and children living with disabilities



To create inclusive communities where all people have access to better opportunities that will enable them to facilitate their own development.


To develop and empower women, youth and people living with disabilities using arts and culture.

To provide programmes, facilities, training, support and resources for youth and women.

To build capacity by availing access to relevant and appropriate programmes and services that address social challenges within our communities.

To encourage active community involvement in educating young people in various areas of life skills.

To initiate and provide sustainable engagements and partnerships that will develop youth and women.

Our focus

Youth Development Women Empowerment Inclusion of Children living with disabilities

Our strength

It is the capacity to promote local participation since we are often rooted in local communities and have clear understanding of their challenges. The ability to develop bonds and relationships with the people we serve The ability to inspire the marginalized and the poor in organizing themselves by providing them with skills and job opportunities.

Our beneficiaries

Youth Women Children living with disabilities

Our Programs

Arts and culture project

Arts in schools, in Communities, in Youth Development Centres (for young offenders) Workshops in Dance, Drama, Visual Art, Music, Creative Writing, Poetry, Crocheting

Life skills and mentorship project

Programs focusing on: Gender Based Violence Substance Abuse Bullying Manners and Behaviour Hygiene and Personal Grooming Coping with Emotions Managing Money

Women empowerment project

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Skills Workshops Skills in Sewing, Beading, Knitting, Crocheting Gender Based Violence Awareness

Literacy and numeracy project

Reading Workshops Mathematics Workshops Reading and Maths Competitions Educational and Inclusive Programs for people living with disabilities Siyafunda – Setting Up Mini Libraries in Rural Areas

Outreach project

Lunch Packs Shoe Drive Grocery Vouchers

Conservation environment project

Recycling Awareness Saving Water Awareness Reduce Use of Electricity Awareness Planting Trees Initiative Growing Vegetables Initiative Waste Management